Woven heart

A couple of weeks ago I finished this heart pillow with woven stripes, finally had some time to take some photos!

the sun and the lion

My woven storyquilt is shaping up. It looks like I imagined it would. A bit 'scattered'and filled with stories.


Why I fill my house with my art, and why you should to...

Why I fill my house with my art, and why you should to:

1.       You want to Capture A Moment – When You MAKE  Art You’re  IN the Moment!

2.       You want a Memory, something to remember and cherish – You Always Make Your OWN MEMORYS, Van Gogh CAN NOT do that For You.

3.       The Art On Your Walls should always be an Extension of Who You Are – Your Arms are Your Extensions, USE THEM.

4.       It´s kind of a frugal lifestyle - And You’ll LOVE it.

5.       You  want art in every technique –Only Paintings on a Wall, Are A Sign of NO IMAGINATION,  And actually kinda Boring!

6.       Nobody knows YOU better than You do, Therefore You Are TOTALLY CERTIFIED To Make Your Own Art.

7.       You Make stuff, that´s what you do, every day – So Wy Shouldn´t You Make Your Own Art?


woven fabric

 It was just so pretty.

A scrap fabric needlebook

I have been needing a new needle book and desided to make one using my favorite weaving teqnique. I use beautiful old stripes of fabrics and weave them together.


Tassels on vintage embroidery pillows

I have been working on some diffrent pillows lately, today I want to show you how to make and attatch tassels to your pillow. Enjoy!