Rainbow loom update

My rainbow loom project, for children to weave on, is coming along nicely. Painted all the side bars, now I want to warp that thang already!

Steamed tassels.

Today I decided to make as many tassels as possible! How many tassels can one woman make without losing it? Well let´s see…

I´m no god at mass produce stuff.  Heck, I find it difficult making a pair of knitted socks. The first one is no problem…  But  the second one. . I don´t know, making a copy, that´s just not for me!

Anyway, making tassels in different colors seems to work just fine!  And who knows, the day isn´t over yet, hopefully I get some more done! I want a brown one to….

My stash of yarn dramatically decreased while making these, and that for me means one thing only: I get to buy more yarn!! I have had a complete yarn stop-buying-initiative for months. But I promise, I will not get carried away. I´ll just look at the thrift shops if they have any beautiful handmade, nature colored wool yarn, then just maybe…..

Here´s how I did it:

Wrap your tassel around something, why not a cutting board!

Make some knots, loosen from your board and then carefully cut.

A good idea is to steam your tassel after you cut and trimmed it. I love watching how the yarn retracts and shrinks as I hold it over the boiling water. It makes the fibers straighten out and makes your tassel looks awesome and ready to meet the world!
Update: Here is a green and  a brown one to: