Paint Moths on Rocks.

For a long time I considered butterflies to be the most beautiful flutters out there. But that was before I laid my eyes on the wide range of colorful moths that actually exists. No I´m not so sure anymore. 

Here in Scandinavia we only see grayish kinds of moths, but after a looong Google search, I am amazed at what colorful species actually exists. 

Long story short: We wanted to find these beautiful moths in our garden too. So as a tribute, of sort, we decided to paint moths on rocks!

I drew up some help lines, with a white acrylic pen, and started painting. We settled on some dusty brown and green an added a splash of orange, pink and yellow for the details on the wings.

We outlined some and left others free and messy. I liked thoose free spirits  best.

Just with a few brush strokes you can create these perfectly imperfect stone moths.

Now we are ready to place them out in our garden!

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