Mother Lion Doily Pillow turtorial + Giveaway

There´s been a lot of talk about Moms, Mothers, Mommys and Mums lately haven’t it?

I might be a tad bit to late, but exact dates never interested me, a mother is a mother no matter the day, right? 

So… for that special occasion or any other, I have been working on a project with doilies and lions. I call it “ Hear me roar!” a Mother Lion doily pillow 

Working with this lovely creatures really made my heart sing and I hope you will ejoy them to!

It is widely known that mothers can be strong like bears and roar like lions if anybody tries to hurt their little ones.

With this in mind a felt led to do a giveaway. I´m giving away two Mother Lion pillows, all you have to do is leave a comment. 

To double your chances I would like you to tell me about an event or incident when you could feel that Mother Lion Roar inside of you? Or do you remember when your own mother had to bring out that roar! Just leave a comment down below or in an email. 

For triple chance to win, share this contest on your blog or any social media. Let me know if you do in the comments and you will have a triple chance to be one of two lucky winners, to receive one of these Mother Lion Pillows.

The giveaway ends next Sunday 2014-06-08 and is open for participants worldwide. 

I will also be showing you how to sew your own Lion pillow, so if you want to make her, it's easy, here´s how: 

What you need:

-          Felt

-          Doilys  

-          Some sort of padding

-          Embroidery yarn. 
 Write out your PDF Lion template, bring out you felt and start cutting out a round face. You can adjust the size to fit your own doilies.

Cut out the shapes of the nose in felt, don’t forget to put Vliesofix on you pieces. You want to have one sticky side so that you can easily iron the pieces on to the round felt piece.

Click here to get your Lion PDF pattern.
Embroider the eyes.
Sew the lion together with the doily on a round piece of fabric. The pillow case should be approx. 1 inch (2cm) outside of your doily. If you have many layers of doilies, you might want to sew them on one by one.  
Sew around the edges. Turn.

Fill with soft materials.
Sew to close it up. And you are ready!