Spring nature scavenger hunt.

I see new buds popping up on every tree around me while I take my morning walks. Spring has arrived, and with her, a longing to walk on grass, feel the earth and connect to what is staring to awake. 

This weekend we were exploring the woods and what magic it holds. We started out with letting the children go on a Spring Scavenger Hunt. 

I gave them each an egg box for collecting small things.

(The egg box is embroidered with crosstich, here is were I embellish my egg carton with cross stitch and here as guest contributor at michelemademe you can see a tutorial.)

Now let´s look at the color "pads" at the bottom of the box: 

What you need:  An empty egg box, fabric, needle and thread.  

Just a few simple steps. I cut out small circles of the fabric with a scissor.  Then hand sewed them on with a simple cross stitch at the bottom of the box.   

Now the kids can go out and find and collect nature’s treasuries that match the color of the cubes. 

Here are some stuff we found that we couldn´t collect. (We found two hearts(!!) that is a good sign to me.)

Here is what we brought home. It was a lovely day!

The best thing is that it is reusable and we will be able to use it again the next time we want to go out and explore nature. 

It will be interesting to see what treasuries we find to put in the box at mid summer and late autumn.

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Coombe Mill sa...

A lovely way to make a scavenger hunt