Easter flower craft. Printing letters on tulip petals.

This week we are exploring the alphabet, come join us!

What to try something you never tried before? This simple DIY might be just perfect for you after the Easter holiday. 

We bought home some tulips for Easter and when they started to look a bit saggy I thought it was time to throw them out.

(Just a quick note I actually can find saggy tulips quite beautiful to, and if you leave them in the vase and reduce the water, they slowly start to dry were you left them. Oh my! That can be beautiful!) 

Anyway, when holding the flower one of the pedals fell of, and we could see the beautiful colors even clearer, so right on the spot we found this awesome way to explore letters a bit more. 
What you need:
- Flower petals
- Acrylic paint
- Letter stamps
We used a black color and pushed the stamp on to the petals. The paint attached and looked great on the petals.

When dried and done we arrange the letters in to different words. I think we can agree that this was the best part!

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2 kommentarer:

PinkStripeySocks sa...

Wow. What a cool idea! I would have never thought to do that.

The buschcrafter sa...

Yeah, It was an idea sprung in the the "moment". Now I cant wait to try diffrent flowers!