ABC play dough letters the Wiking way. Inspired by scandinavian runes.

This past week and weekend was all about letters, in one form or another. I want to share it all here, let´s start with the play dough ABC inspired by Scandinavian runes. 

Join us! Let´s play dough like wikings!

Opening up your ABC world using some play dough has so many benefits for children. It develops their fine motor skills, language skills and has opportunities for problem solving and creativity. And It´s quite fun for adults to, let me tell you!

There are many different recopies for play dough, but this is what I used this time. This dough gets heated by the warm water added, and it makes the dough so warm and yummy for a long time. We loved that.

Ingredients play dough:
4 cups flour
3 cups of salt
2 tablespoons alum
3 tablespoons of cooking oil
5 cups boiling water
(food coloring if you want )

We rolled the dough into balls and pressed them on a ruff structured surface, for an interesting pattern on the back.

And used the the “wrong side” of a brush to get the letters marked on the dough. This technique made it look like old scandinavian runes, with it´s sharp angels. 

Here´s the letter K:

Finished of with some black paint.

Let the letters dry over night or in the owen at low temperature. 

After thet the letters are ready to be used in other forms of play.
At the bottom of this picture you can see how the ruff structure pattern on the back turned out. (It has a a cute flower shape.)

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