What inspire me..

Often I get ideas and get inspired by looking at pictures from other creative people, without them I think I would be a lot less creative.

For example I got the idea to make a fish bag when I saw theese red and blue paper fishes hanging about.
On a vintage flee market I saw this idea of displaying their fabric (picture on the left), When I came home I had to make one of my own.
 Theese lovely little things on the left inspired me to try to paint on doilies.
Tarryn at butter and buntings inspired me to make gigantic tassels
And chrochet pineapple buntings made me try sewing theese. 

The best thing is; I still have some inspirational pictures left...
For example:

This picture makes me totaly inspired, I want to try make one of theese flower patchwork for my bed.
This sweet arab man with his cactus by lubasaf is just so cute.
Finally this constellation I made on my kitchen table, makes me want to sew it down and make a piece of it....

I dont know the origins of all the inspirational pictures, but a big thank YOU for the inspiration. Keep creating!

weaving samples red

Weaving samples


Crafts made in 2014

In this post I will try to capture the creativity of 2014 here at the Bushcrafter.
 I was working on a DIY-set for children to explore weaving. It looked like this:

One of my favourite embroidery piece was finished in Januari.
Hand printed cloth and embroidered upon. The V shape above is a potato print. As far as the pattern goes, I like to think about them as birds flying close together.

I continued exploring the world of children, made four or five quiet books.
In january I was playing with new design on small totes, made from this fabric that I made in the loom. Felt good to know that this pile was getting smaller.
 January was finished with this colourful loggo.
Made a needle book with my own hand printed fabric. 
Explored printing with bubble wrap.
My Fabric Scrap Rocket tutorial was over at hideous!dreadful!stinky! in February. 
My hand embroidered, hand printed memory game was finally done and available on etsy.

 Fabric painting and embroidery that would soon turn in to a birdhouse...Check out the result here: Soft textile birdhouse.
Another guestpost on Hideous!Dreadful!Stinky! How to print on fabric with bubble wrap, and make a circle purse. Go check it out....

I made a Centipede game. Don't ask me why, I just did! It is a memory game, but you can also use it to collect the centipedes entire body.
With this spinning arrow game table, you get to pick up the color that the arrow points on. It´s a 2 in 1 game.

The Bird pouch, I made a handmade pouch for a Wild Child.

Made a soft house, took a picture with a cactus.
Made some more nature inspired Memory.

My thoothpaste lamp was featured over at weupcycle.
In april I started experimenting with log printing.

The surfaces of each log that I brought inside to put in the fire were so intriguing and unique and I wanted to capture that.
I collected hearts.
April was a good time for exploring the woods and the magic it holds. We started out with a Scavenger Hunt. 
April was all about letters, in one form or another. Let´s start with the play dough ABC inspired by Scandinavian runes
Letter Printing on tulip petals.

Continued with some stone letters.
The stone letters became stonefeud.
Painting on stones was so funny, I just continued and painted moths on rocks...
In may I whipped up theese exiting news about moths!
In may we celebrated mothersday So… for that special occasion or any other, I had been working on a project with doilies and lions. I called it “ Hear me roar!” a Mother Lion doily pillow.

Working with this lovely creatures really made my heart sing and I hope you will ejoy them to!

Over the summer I took on a big DOILY PROJECT: Making something fun and new out of old doilies.

I love old doilies and their crisp and fragile appearance, but they have a way of just lying there in a drawer, collecting dust.

Instead of hiding them from the world, my mission was to find some practical (and beautiful) uses for them. 

What you can do, that you might never have considered, is to paint the doily. Yes, it can be done! And it is all quite funny actually. Let me show you, in this simple step by step tutorial.

Flower hair pins, using only salvaged materials.

In june I contributed to Molly Moo Crafts, I shared a ‘stone weaving’ idea, just go to the beach to gather some nice smooth circular stones, and try this thing
Later that month I tried out hand painting on fabric and made a Koi Fish Bag, my own pattern.
In my favorite color combination: yellow, orange and pink!
Hand painted with textile color, back side in vintage fabric, lining in gold. Drawstrings with a hook and small fish attached. Made to hold toys for children.
Snake memory and labyrinth building game.
I constructed it so that you can build a long snake from its head to its tail using 24 cards. On each card there is a unique embroidery that has it’s identically match on one other card, which makes it a memory too. All handpainted.

In july there were a lot of weaving happening.

In august I painted my rainbow loom..
...and steamed tassels.

Decorated the house with some vintage finds.
In october I focused on making pages for childrens quiet books.
Quiet book "Boken Boken", soft book, Handmade, Waldorf inspired

In november I started a new project that I will devote myself to in 2015, I would love it if you stick around!
With love! /Jenny