kneepatch monsters

I´ve seen theese knee patch monsters all around, and wanted to try for myself. They are my very own monsters. Reminds me of ducks in some funny way.
What an idea for a movie:  

When ducks attack...

Doilies color printing

I´ve made a tutorial for hideous!dreadful!stinky!

Go check it out over here!

Thougths on perfection

When I paint I often use a paper towel to clean my brush, the markings on that paper is often as interesting as the "real thing" I painted. 

The painting is the end result while the paint on the paper is the work in progress. I love work in progress, because that’s the stage when I feel most alive.


Baby shoes at The Bush Crafter

Love theese soft, small slippers. It´s hard to belive a baby can be that tiny.  Now they have found there way over to etsy.