How to knit a fox.

I am a regular monthly contributor over at hideous!dreadful!stinky! I am so exited to be a part of that lovely tribe, today I´m showing you how to knit a square shaped fox.

Go check it out: Get foxy with The Bushcrafter.


Greta Serra - The handweaving experience

My own summer has been dedicated to handweaving in many diffrent shapes and forms, today I want to introduce you to a talented handweaver, fashion designer and textile lover who makes the most beautiful things using her own two hands.

She is working and developing her own slow-brand of assessories Gebrat and I got a chance to ask her a few questions!

Here is Greta Serra:

Tell us about yourself and your work!

I love to learn. I think almost all is interesting. And I love to try things. The hard part always is to decide what to improve.

So I studied philosophy in college for 5 years. Then I started to learn textile techniques in different schools and from different teachers; patternmaking, dressmaking, tailoring, also weaving, stamping,  dyeing, tapestry and I have "finished" my studies with a MA in fashion design last year. But even my background is about textile world, some days I dream with being a cook or a writer or a illustrator. So I use sundays for cooking, writing and drawing. :-)

I really wish to improve my textile skills to can develope an artistic work in the future. But without  rushes, I'm enjoying my way. I also dream in to cross different worlds like storytelling with tapestry or patternmaking with illustration. Who knows!

Why do you love it?

I love to learn, and I love to create. Actually I think that creating is a view of learning. So if I can draw my own pattern, weave my textile, and sew my ideas with it, is amazing. I just need to buy yarns to make lots of different things. I love that part; to have the skills to make stuff by myself. The other part that I love is the feedback I receive from other people that like my work. Is really magic: You make something from scratch, then a thing has born, then people enjoys that thing. And you feel so happy.

What are you working right now?

Right now I'm working in two craft fairs I'm going to take part this fall/winter. I'm developing some bags and textiles and wall hangers to show and sell. But it's not just to show and sell, it's also about to  see where am I right now, which kind of materials I'm more interested and with what shapes I feel comfortable now. I could say I'm working in to know who am I as artisan and designer.

What advice would you give to other artist/designers?

For me is very important to concentrate and to have a rutine of work. Is also very important for me don't let that long-term thoughts make wrong your daily work. When you work just for yourself, inside your mind there are a boss and an employed. So is very important to do meetings with the boss, every week, every day... but not to work together all the time. It's crazy.

And is so typical but it is a giant true: Is good to hear others but mostly trust in yourself.

And work with the computer off. :-)

Thank you so mutch for your time Greta! 
See more pictures from Greta here.


What I have been doing

  I have been pixlering things...

Welcome to The Bushcrafter

I´m Jenny!  
I am a textile crafter. I call myself The Bushcrafter. 
I am a soul centred creator. 
I am an artist and a teacher.

In me I have some sort of fabric spirit who wants, pretty much, nothing else but to create. 
So I let it.

You know. Let spirit be, what spirit is.
I would say we are all crafters. In one way, or another.
When I´m faced with a problem. 
I try to solve it by using what I got. 
That´s crafting for me.

I enjoy infusing crafting and recycling together, making ordinary things in to beautiful things!
I am a hunter, gather and a creator. I really feel like that is what I was born to do.

I have to make stuff. I cannot NOT make stuff.  

I love to hunt and gather fabric and yarns,  and create things of what I collect and have at home.

I have worked with textiles for as long as I can remember...

At the same time, I often feel my experience is limited, but I always start from where I stand.

Here´s what I do when I´m faced with something that feels difficult for me. 

1.) I give it a try. (It tends to work out.

2.) If it doesn´t work out, I´ll try to find a way around it.

That second one can bring much joy. To actually create your own solution to a problem, Is mucho fulfilling!

You can do it to.

If you feel the urge to create, in the material of your choice. I encourage you to start.

Just do it.

That´s why I started this blog: To inspire. 

Not sure how to start?

Start here. There are many good links that can inspire you and lot of lovely projects. 

You do not need to know everything, to get started.

Just follow your heart and know that:

Knowledge is OVERRATED, to have the will to do something is EVERYTHING.

If you want to create something....
You can!

If you want to create something...

You start and learn from your "mistakes"!  

If you want to create something...

Just do it!

That´s what I do... 

"All you need is passion. 

If you have a passion for something,

 you´ll create the talent.



Printing fabric with wood logs

I always look in different directions to get new inspirations for my next creation. This time I went out to the woodshed and found some interesting shapes that I wanted to put on fabric.

When you start looking, you find that the surface of the log has a nice texture to it and that the shapes of every individual log varies. It is like they all have their own fingerprint. So every new log and print will come out different and uniquely. 
This unique nature of the log is what first attracted me to it, and when I started experiment with it I understood that the variations are endless.

You simply use fabric paint, smearing it out with a brush or using a sponge.

Pushing the log down at your fabric creates a print. 

And you can easily create a unique pattern by turning the log.

When dry, you fixate the color by iron it for about 1 minute. (You can read the instruction on your paint bottle.) If you iron then your color will stay safe when you put it in the washing machine. 

Now you can make a pillow, bag, tote or skirt with your own fabric design inspired by nature.

DIY Fabric printing with wood logs in progress...