For tiny feets

This is an old project of mine. I love to collect small beautiful fabric at the yard sales or were ever I can find them. But what do you do with the tiny scraps of fabric? These slippers are perfect for the left over fabrics out there. With these I used a mixture of hand printed fabric, solid wool and embroided cloth.


Weaving a Bubble gum packaging

 This plastic jar is a bubble gum packaging. 

Use a knife and cut out nine lines along the sides off the jar. And start weaving round and round.

 I mixed some diffrent colours and kept on weaving.... 

Finally: Adding som embroidery were the cut lines were visable. 


The Toothpaste Lamp

 For this projekt you need:

- a toothpaste tube
- fabric stripes
- a lamp cord
- a stapler

Cut out eleven "arms" for the octopus. (It is easier to weave with an uneven number.)

Here´s how you attach the tread:

 The last three laps: pull the fabrics true the loop of all eleven "arms", to secure it.


Passion stamp - A tote made with passion

This fabric is printed using the skin of a passionfruit as a stamp. 

It´s like printing with potato stamps, but this is my passion stamp!

And I love it!


creating a totem animal

A hand sewn totem bag for keeping your most special things safe.

If you resonate with this totem, it will stand by you. In perfect symbiosis.

It will protect You and your favourite things for you.
Hand embroided on linnen.

It´s all hand sewn together. Durable and strong. As it should be.

I have so enjoyed working with this one, from start to finish.

It is created intuitive, no templet, no rules. It is made for someone, with a purpose.

All love


Size 15cm x 13cm , 5.9 x 5,1 inces

For you to enjoy... Soon up on etsy.


DIY How to embellish your egg carton with cross stitch.

I have created a tutorial for giving your egg box a sweet makeover. 
It is featured over at Michele made me. One of my favourite crafting blogs out there! In my opinion, Michele is the Queen of eco-craft. I´m so honored. Get the full tutorial here.

And don´t miss this Woven sun over at Michele´s...
That´s what I´m going to try next. Since I´m thinking about dedicating this month to weaving in all shapes and forms.