Snapshot from a movie scene.

A snapshot from a movie scene in the making, could you ever guess witch film? Hint! It´s Swedish...


Christmas watercolor labels made with cookie cutters.

We have a holliday coming up and I wanted to share my latest idea for soft, bubbely, fragrant watercolor labels with you. I will be attaching these labels to my handmade Christmas presents this year.  And now I´m passing the turtorial on to you. 

 Start by applying water to your paper with a brush. You will have to experiment with this phase. To much water will make the pattern blurry and to little will NOT make the paint flow out from the cookie cutter.

I use the "wrong" side of the cookie cutter, (the side that is not sharp). The paint is easier to apply on that side.

Press your templet on to the paper.

 Let it sit for a few seconds. Then remove the templet:

The pressure from the cutter and the water on the paper will create these beautiful patterns. 

I use regular paper for watercolor, a bit thicker than normal paper, but not the exclusive, more expensive paper. When adding a lot of water to the paper it will become a bit bubbly. You know what I mean?

No worries. We will make these greeting cards 3D and the bubbly paper will actually work for our advantage. It will look lovely. I always work with what I got and try to do the best with that. 

We will make a front and a back and sew it together. Like a pillow.

I added a hanger and sewed that on.

Put some soft material in the middle and add some fragrant spices too. That way your holliday greeting cards will smell like Christmas.

Cut the edges off.  Apply your creations to your Christmas presents! Simple as that!


kneepatch monsters

I´ve seen theese knee patch monsters all around, and wanted to try for myself. They are my very own monsters. Reminds me of ducks in some funny way.
What an idea for a movie:  

When ducks attack...

Doilies color printing

I´ve made a tutorial for hideous!dreadful!stinky!

Go check it out over here!

Thougths on perfection

When I paint I often use a paper towel to clean my brush, the markings on that paper is often as interesting as the "real thing" I painted. 

The painting is the end result while the paint on the paper is the work in progress. I love work in progress, because that’s the stage when I feel most alive.


Baby shoes at The Bush Crafter

Love theese soft, small slippers. It´s hard to belive a baby can be that tiny.  Now they have found there way over to etsy.